TeRRItoria (Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation Through the involvement of local R&I Actors) is a project which places regions and local authorities as a factor to be considered in the overall concept of Responsible Research and Innovation.

TeRRItoria project operates in a context of transition in European society, which is often critical. For territorial governance this shift and transition can be a challenge to the usual strategies and measures fostering  economic development and social cohesion. In this context of contestation and transition, the concept of RRI and by extension the search for Territorial RRI may be a way of enabling local and regional governance to deal with such an era of change. By linking RRI to regions and territorial governance, the project assumes that the competitiveness of European territories and regions will be fostered. Adopting RRI into regional governance is not well documented and TeRRItoria will mark one of the first steps to exploring this unmapped territory.

EURADA is the project partner responsible for communication.

The lead partner responsible for the overall management and coordination of the projects is the European Science Foundation (ESF).”

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