Eurada News nº392 – September 2019

Save the Date 30.10.2019 – Attend EU conference on Industry 4.0 at EURADA’s premises!

The final conference of the Erasmus+ IN4WOOD project pursues a clear mission: to take up the challenge of the Industry 4.0 (I4.0) by gathering in one place entrepreneurs, researchers, technology experts and regional and EU officers.

EURADA kindly reminds you to register to the Industry 4.0 related conference: “The next generation of education and training in the wood and furniture sectors and why it matters for development agencies”.

The conference will allow you to meet at EURADA’s premises high-level entrepreneurs, researchers, technology experts, regional and EU officers to discuss about challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0.

Words will be followed by deeds: Erasmus+, Horizon2020 and ESF programmes will be presented by EU officers and “Project Champions” will help participants develop winning project ideas to get ready for I4.0.    

Conference Mission

On 30.10.2019 at the premises of EURADA (Rue Montoyer 24, Brussels) experts, entrepreneurs, RDA and EU officers will together address the multifaceted topic of Industry 4.0 (I4.0). In an effort to gather expertise and maximise the conference’s findings, EURADA invited entrepreneurs and regional development agencies (RDA) which successfully took up the I4.0 challenge in the industrial sectors: Wood & Furniture, Food & Beverage and Luxury. Furthermore, EURADA involved officers of the European Commission to help the conference attendees gain insights to relevant calls and funding programmes (Erasmus+, Horizon2020 and European Social Fund). Also, a part of the conference will be devoted to the highly innovative Erasmus+ project IN4WOOD project. This Erasmus+ project successfully delivered on a key need: to provide the skills that Wood & Furniture industry needs to create an I4.0 proof workforce.


Conference structure

In order to set the stage of the conference, European Commission’s officers will hold thematic broad presentations about the opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) for enterprises in Europe and the related implications on regional economic ecosystems. Afterwards, leading universities, VET technology providers, enterprises and experts of the IN4WOOD partnership will showcase in 5 steps how this project helped SMEs better address a shortage of highly qualified professionals in ICTs and emerging technologies in the wood & furniture sector. In the two next sessions, the industrial focus will broaden up. First, successful entrepreneurs of the Wood & Furniture Industry, Food & Beverage Industry and Luxury Industry will share the best practices of their companies to find solutions to common challenges imposed by I4.0. RDAs officers will then present – in a synergic way with the session before – policies, programmes and initiatives to support economic regional ecosystems innovate and modernise to take up the I4.0 challenge. In the afternoon, European Commission’s officers will provide an overview of funding programmes at the crossroads of research, training, education, innovation and development to help entrepreneurs as well as economic regional practitioners in I4.0 related issues. Building on this session, the following session “Ideas, Networks, Projects on Industry 4.0” will support the conference participants to group up depending on their organisation or company’s priorities, exchange and develop project proposals for main EU calls (e.g. Horizon2020; Erasmus+, ESF etc.). The final session will sum up the outcomes of the conference and draw relevant conclusions to disseminate across Europe. To this end, a representative of the European Committee of the Regions will gather high-level representatives of industry and applied research/VET and moderate a discussion to capitalize the conference findings.




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Written by Tommaso Galli, EU Project Officer at EURADA