SCALE UP project partners moved from Germany to Spain in order to pay an online visit to INFO Murcia which presented its good practices to the consortium and all the regional stakeholders.

On the 24th of September, INFO Murcia (Regional Development Agency of Murcia) presented to SCALE UP project partners three good practices aimed at business scaling in the Region of Murcia.

The first good practice presented was Entrepreneurial programme 360, the program of support for the entry of private investors in newly created companies, which supports the financing of innovative companies in the early stages. The second good practice presented was INCOOVA, which is a program carried out by INFO and CROEM that fosters the development of innovative talent projects. The third good practice presented was the Tracción program, carried out by INFO together with Red PuntoPyme which is the network of local development agents from city councils in the region.

Until 2021, the project consortium will produce their analysis and proposals of regional policy on innovation and scale-up of companies, which will be accompanied by a pack of regional programs aimed at boosting the scale-up of companies. The action plan will be launched from 2022 onwards, during the second phase of the project. 

The scale-up of businesses is part of the objective of supporting SMEs’ growth, to support regional authorities to respond adequately to key obstacles that obstruct industry sector on their path to the growth taking into account the conditions of the current worldwide markets. 

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