Eurada News nº391 - August 2019

Solutions&Co for Pays de la Loire

Reinventing oneself to give one’s full potential is a journey, but at the end it is for the better. The search of improvement implies changes, but from a well-stablished basis it might only mean focusing in certain goals and finding real inspiration to accomplish objectives.

The development agency for Pays de la Loire has recently changed its name to Solutions&Co. This change does not come alone: there is a turn for the better.

The agency formerly called L’Agence régionale Pays de la Loire has redefined its organisation. Now, this new step taken has made them become Solutions&Co, L’agence de développement économique pour Pays de Loire. This redefinition helps setting new principles and work ethics, defining a new scope and refreshing their approach for the development of the region.

Solutions&Co: behind the denomination

Solutions&Co takes its important role as facilitator to build, along regional stakeholders, integrated solutions for the development of the territory and companies. Their ultimate purpose in the reorganisation of the agency is, thus, finding a true solution for each development and implementation project. Their new name wants to give evidence of this promise.

There are different reasons for the choice of this denomination. There is a more pragmatic mindset regarding the search of economic development solutions, a clearer intention of working closely with territorial companies and stakeholders and bring together the more suitable competences to make the most efficient solutions; and an intention to acquire a graphic identity more modern and dynamic.

New vision and three main points

After the enforcement of the new law NOTRe, the idea of economic development on the agency was redefined. They established 15 economic developers among 5 departments. This way they were able to implement solution integrators responding to the needs of the enterprises and region actors.

Therefore, Solutions&Co has now three main missions. Firstly, enhancing and making the territory stand out to develop attraction; secondly, facilitating the setup of new enterprises in the territory; thirdly, contributing to the scale up of already installed enterprises.

The different teams work to reinforce competitivity and attractivity. There are many reinforced tools and occupations, to finally find a true solution for each development project and implementation.

New solutions implemented and services

Solutions&Co offers many services such as tutoring to companies on their projects through economic developers; promotion of talent attraction and of business opportunities; promotion of economic dynamism; touristic development and promotion; the RDI (Réseau de Développement de l’Innovation), helping every year hundreds of regional enterprises to access innovation; the BAT (Bureau d’Accueil des Tournages, the Filming Reception Desk) of Pays de la Loire, supporting the field in the region; the constant work for the economic intelligence to anticipate changes and to build development scenarios, amongst others.

In the first semester of 2019, Solutions&Co has developed new services and digital tools with a series of objectives. One of these objectives is to encourage companies with projects to implement in France to materialise them in Pays de la Loire. A website was made to present the best market opportunities in the territory and will give particular responses to the project coordinators. They also have been facilitating the development of companies already present with assessment on staff recruitment, innovation, and development project.

To sum up, they carry out many different and varied services but with the same objective of contributing to the economic development of the territory and its stakeholders.

More information

Following this link, you can take a look of the press note (FR) the agency carefully prepared to be published. To have more information on the work of Solutions&Co, please check their official website (FR): Finally, and following this link, you will find the website of CNER, the federation of French investment and economic development agencies. They represent these agencies at a national level and bring together economic development professionals.

Written by Roser Torres Mosca, Project Officer