The application period to submit proposals for EURADA Awards has closed on November 25th. EURADA organises every year since 2015 a call for good practices among both member and non-member development agencies. The aim is to get to know each other’s practices, actions and implemented tools. Up to today, many good practices have been presented and awarded from many different topics and having recognitions from peers. This year we wanted to attain many candidatures to find many inspirational and well-driven proposals, so we have been successfully encouraging agencies to take place.

This year, EURADA Awards attained huge impact and got many candidatures: a total of 28 agencies submitted the implemented practices they wanted to share. It was a complete success! We really want to thank all the participants for this kind of reception and for their time. We are very grateful because this means that a big number of agencies have an interest in making their actions and tools known and in sharing them. Candidatures cover different topics, from organisational models of the agency itself (new organizational model for Development Agencies; re-inventing the Development Agencies) to the work they undertake (support to scaleup of companies and entrepreneurship; new topics / new uses in the area of regional economic development.)

The deliberation of the jury will take place next week, on December 3rd. They will meet in Brussels to decide on a winner for each category: member and non-member. They will follow specific criteria to make the final decision: the degree of novelty compared to current practices, the potential impact amongst agencies, and the degree of transferability. All these factors show the importance of the winning candidature for other agencies and regions: how can others learn from good implemented practices and tools, how can they innovate, and what new ideas can spring amongst development agencies.