Summer Course 2020


EURADA summer course 2020 was an excellent learning experience to help professionals acquire knowledge, valuable contacts and skills to prepare high-quality project proposals for their regional development agencies (RDAs). This free of charge event took place online using the GoToWebinar platform.

Online free training for young professionals of economic development

The three days of Summer Course, from 10h00 to 11h30 on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July was an unmissable opportunity for young professionals working in the field of regional economic development to acquire knowledge, establish a network of contacts and develop some practical skills useful to prepare high-quality project proposals for regional development agencies (RDAs)

Scope of the event

During 3 days of the summer course, regional practitioners acquired online knowledge, valuable contacts and skills to prepare high-quality project proposals for their regional development agencies. The course was focused on programmes useful for regional development agencies like H2020, COSME or Interreg Europe. The project proposals supported territorial cooperation, innovations in companies, and regional economic development.


During the summer course, all the interesting calls for regional development agencies and explanations about successful projects in these calls were presented. During each session, there were detailed explanations of the different aspects to be considered when preparing a proposal: the plan of activities, consortium partnership, intellectual property rights, communication, budget, etc.


The course was aimed at practitioners and young experts of regional economic development agencies. They benefited from its practical approach and mentoring by people with a proven track record in managing European projects.


The summer course was held in English.

Expected results

First and foremost, this summer course provided regional practitioners with a complete view of all the possibilities to prepare project proposals for EU programmes. Participants got the chance to work on mock proposals and new project ideas of other regional practitioners in similar situations. Ideally, these proposals and the working consortiums established helped them to prepare actual proposals.

The 1st-day session took place under the name “Soft skills you can’t afford to overlook in managing European projects & Fast track on how to become a force multiplier in dealing with projects”, carried out by the representatives of the Regional Development Agency RDA Nord-Est (Romania) Andra Costin and Bogdan Chelariu.

The 2nd-day session addressed specific aspects of project management stressing social innovation ones. This session was carried out by David Jepson, who explained to us the topic of social innovation in detail; Paula Santarén, who gave us some insights on how to lead a project as coordinator of the Interreg’s project “RaiSE”; Zdenek Hanzál, who show us how is to be a part of a consortium, the role of the RDA’s in projects and his experience as a representative of RERA; and Esteban Pelayo, who provided a practical exercise to identify the key aspects of a proposal.

During the 3rd session advice on several technical aspects were given around calls, tenders, proposals, and opportunities. The widest session in terms of speakers, gave us the opportunity to get insights and practising how to successfully overcome the difficulties during each step of a proposal thanks to the participation of Marina Martínez, Tamás Gyulai, Roser Torres, Estefanía López, and Ivana Rae Almora. And special thanks to Angès Monfret for her outstanding speech at the end of the day.


1st of July (10:00  11:30 CET)  lead by North East Romania RDA  

Soft skills you can’t afford to overlook in managing European projects & Fast track on how to become a force multiplier in dealing with projects

  • Ice-breaking with audience interaction (10 min.) 
by Bogdan CHELARIU and Andra COSTIN 
  • 5 Soft Skills you can’t afford to overlook in managing European projects (25 min.) 
by Andra COSTIN 
  • Quiz (5 min.) 
  • Fast-track on how to become a force multiplier when dealing with projects (25 min.) 
by Bogdan CHELARIU 
  • Quiz (5 min.) 
  • Q&A / game (20 min.) 
by Bogdan CHELARIU and Andra COSTIN 

2nd of July (10:00  11:30 CET)  lead by EURADA

Aspects of project management (illustrated via the topic of social innovation)

  • Welcome (5 min.)  
by Tessa ANNÉ 
  • Introduction to the topic of social innovation and social innovation projects (10 min.) 
by David JEPSON 
  • Poll/test based on speakers’ questions (5 min.) 
  • Leading a project (10 min.) 
by Paula SANTARÉN 
  • Poll/test based on speakers’ questions (5 min.) 
  • Being part of a project consortium (10 min.) 
by Zdenek HANZAL 
  • Poll/test based on speakers’ questions (5 min.) 
  • Practical exercise: mock proposal (25 min.) 
by Esteban PELAYO 
  • Final debate with all the speakers (10 min.) 

3rd of July (10:00  11:30 CET)  lead by EURADA, with involvement of EU institutions’ representatives

Calls, tenders and other opportunities

  • Welcome (5 min.)  
by Owen BROWN 
  • Data management and ethics in H2020 projects (10 min) 
by Marina Martinez 
  • Participation of EU-13 countries in European projects (10 min) 
by Tamás Gyulai 
  • How to find information about calls and take part in InfoDays  
by Roser TORRES 
  • How to participate in tenders of EU institutions 
by Estefania LÓPEZ 
  • Pactical Exercise Interreg Europe and Best Practices selection (30 min)  
by Ivana R. Almora 
  • European Commission’s DG REGIO 
 by Agnès MONFRET
  • Closure of the 5th edition of the summer course 
by Bogdan CHELARIU 

Speakers list

Andra Costin
Andra CostinADR Nord-Est

Andra COSTIN has an eclectic background in marketing, organisational development, event design & management, community building and European affairs, but with a strong, overarching common thread – COMMUNICATION. She’s passionate about people and their superpower to transcend their limits and ceaselessly expand. Andra is highly skilled at relationship building with teams, partners, communities. She is experienced at managing projects from ideation and production right up to delivery and completion and strongly committed to fostering and harnessing the power of community among humans. Andra is a big advocate of finding purpose on the other side of “what’s in it for me”. She’s endlessly in love with art, gardens, poetry and healthy conscious living.

Bogdan Chelariu
Bogdan ChelariuADR Nord-Est

Bogdan CHELARIU is Head of ADR Nord-Est’s EU office. He is fascinated by change and a curious and enthusiastic practitioner with a background in political science. He has been attending graduate and postgraduate courses at universities of Iasi, Bergen, Oslo, Haifa and Berkeley. In the past 9 years, Bogdan has been working in local and regional administrations in Romania and in Brussels, while dedicating some extra time to research, community and cultural projects. He loves stories, travels, books, food, sports, Rio de la Plata, Seoul, Jerusalem, Tokyo, contemporary art, social movements, freedom, justice, nature and community conservation.

David Jepson
David JepsonACH RISP

David JEPSON is a member of the EURADA Eminence Grise Club and was involved in setting up the organisation some 30 years ago. David worked in economic development and labour market consultancy in most EU member states, Turkey, Ukraine, Afghanistan and other places. In recent years his work has focussed on social innovation, including the economic impact of the ageing population and economic inclusion of refugees and migrants. David was a national expert in the European Commission, visiting research fellow in the School for Social Policy at Anglia University and was also an elected member of Birmingham City Council for more than 10 years. He was also Head of the UK LEADER rural development network.

Paula Santarén Rodríguez
Paula Santarén RodríguezACCIÓ

Paula SANTARÉN is graduated in Political Science & Law and MA in European Labour Studies and Social Policies. She has been working for ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Government of Catalonia, for six years. As International Project Manager for Social Economy, she is the coordinator of Interreg Europe Project RaiSE. Besides, she manages internationalisation projects for Catalan social enterprises: she assesses them in their internationalisation strategy, identifies international business opportunities and organises international prospective missions for social enterprises.

Zdeněk Hanzal
Zdeněk HanzalRERA

Zdenek Hanzal works as Project Manager for RERA, the Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia, based in Ceske Budejovice (CZ). Zdenek manages several projects supporting SMEs in the fields of social economy or internationalization. Besides SMEs support, he also focuses on regional cooperation, environmental issues or sustainability.

Esteban Pelayo
Esteban PelayoEURADA

Esteban PELAYO is CEO at EURADA. His previous experience includes the EU office of the Region of Murcia in Brussels, and the Regional Development Agency of Murcia where he coordinated the network of technology centres. He started his professional career in the Innovation Relay Centre Network helping companies to establish transnational technology transfer agreements (IPR licensing) at the University of Alicante.

Owen Brown
Owen BrownEURADA

Owen Brown. Project Officer in EURADA. Having graduated in Interactive Media at the University of South Wales in 2010, Owen moved abroad and started working primarily in education across a variety of European countries whilst focusing on language-learning in his personal time. After numerous years in Norway, Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine, in 2016 and 2017 Owen volunteered full-time in Civil Society Organisations operating in Serbia and Greece, specifically working on: asylum counselling for applicants for international protection. Owen joined EURADA in March 2020 and is assigned to the Horizon 2020 projects POCITYF, TeRRItoria, and XPRESS, facilitating Positive Energy Blocks, Responsible Research and Innovation, and Green Public Procurement respectively. Areas of particular interest to him, other than economics in general, include financial innovation and the deeper, structural causes of gender inequality.

Marina Martínez
Marina MartínezCDTI

Dr. Marina Martinez. She works in the Spanish National Funding Agency for R&D (CDTI) and works at its Brussels branch. Marina is the responsible of the Space, Security, Sustainable Mobility and Environment programmes at the SOST office. She is conducting the activities addressed to the Spanish regions and the Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) opportunities on R&D and innovation. Marina has an outstanding professional career working in research positions in the academia (Delft University of Technology, UPC) applied research centers (Spanish Institute of Navigation and Institute of Geomatics) and in the industry (Startlab Barcelona). Marina Martínez obtained her PhD (European Mention) on scientific applications of GNSS for Satellite Altimetry in 2004 at the Technical University of Catalonia, UPC. She is also BSc in Environmental Engineering (specialisation in water and air pollution) since 1992.

Tamás Gyulai
Tamás GyulaiMIÉNK

Tamás Gyulai. He is the manager of the cluster MIENK for open construction industry and created the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) for IQ Kecskemét. He works with DARINNO, the Hungarian regional development agency of South Great Plain. Before he was business developer for MetaGroup and international expert of the Entreprise Europe Network at Tehimpuls Association. He is a recognized specialist on international technology transfer with a wide experience in projects for economic growth and territorial cooperation. He has been the General Director of a Regional Development Agency in Hungary and has worked extensively in international projects with many different countries as Romania, Serbia, Armenia, etc. He has participated in renewable energy projects and in projects related to the production of biogas out of waste. He has a MSc in electrical engineering. He is member of the Eminence GriseClub of EURADA.

Roser Torres
Roser TorresEURADA

Roser TORRES Project Officer in EURADA. Roser has a degree in Translation and Cultural Mediation. After one year studying Cultural and Humanities Studies in Tokyo, Japan, she furthered her qualifications in Digital Marketing and Internationalisation. Roser joined EURADA in July 2019 due to the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) training programme. Roser advises Development Agencies by proofreading and validating their proposals. She promotes EURADA members and partners and puts them in contact with one another, as well as with new opportunities and proposals. Currently, she is involved in two H2020 projects: TetRRIs, project based on the approach of Responsible Research and Investigation in the design of Smart Specialisation Strategies; and Entrances, which aims to analyse the effect on societies due to de-territorialisation processes suffered by coal and carbon-intensive regions in the transition into greener economies.

Estefanía López
Estefanía LópezEURADA

Estefania LÓPEZ: Intern in EURADA. After graduating in Law and specialising in Judicial studies in Spain, largely thanks to a training programme of the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE), Estefanía started at EURADA in June 2019. She was in charge of preparing new proposals and helping the Association with the issues related to them. From May onwards, Estefania is collaborating on the frame of the IVY volunteer programme, working on the Interreg project ESSPO which takes a long-term approach to contribute to the creation of effective and efficient SME support service portfolios, which are capable to impact the regional economies via increasing SME’s competitiveness.

Ivana Rae

Ivana Rae ALMORA. Project & Policy Officer in EURADA. Ivana graduated with a bachelor’s degree in European languages from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, where she majored in German and minored in Spanish. In an effort to steer her career toward international relations, she pursued a master’s degree in EU studies and human rights at the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (Spain). She first joined EURADA in the summer of 2019 as an intern in fulfilment of her master’s requirements and is now a EURADA project officer for the Interreg project SCALE UP, which aims to support SME growth in regional, national, and international markets.