Webinar: TechMeter Regional Analyzer

Smart Specialisation

Conceived within the reformed Cohesion policy of the European Commission, Smart Specialisation is a place-based approach characterised by the identification of strategic areas for intervention based both on the analysis of the strengths and potential of the economy and on an Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) with wide stakeholder involvement. It is outward-looking and embraces a broad view of innovation including but certainly not limited to technology-driven approaches, supported by effective monitoring mechanisms.

There is a consensus among the professionals of development agencies and regional practitioners about the suitability of the S3 tool to engage a multiplicity of stakeholders in a common transformation agenda. The process is inclusive, bottom-up, brings new actors to a shared decision process that is relevant for the economic growth of the countries and regions. Despite the complex governance that implies, the regional stakeholders have invested their best efforts to accomplish the ex-ante conditionality for the current programming period and have continued working with this relevant tool.

The company

Techmeter GmbH was founded in 2009. Its customers include successful industrial groups as well as innovative medium-size businesses, interest groups, technology clusters etc. The developers of Techmeter are researchers themselves and know the processes surrounding research, innovation, patents, expert search, trend scouting etc. from their own professional practice. By developing customised algorithms for generating synthetic data and their big data analysis, they could create a unique information advantage of 200 weeks. The company is headquartered at Softwarepark Hagenberg (Upper Austria).

The product

The Techmeter Regional Analyzer is an interactive big-data application aimed to help Regional Development Agencies by providing live-dashboards with key metrics needed to develop high-impact action plans and to track the success of Smart Specialisation initiatives.

The Techmeter Regional Analyzer offers three different services.

  1. First of all, it measures the current performance of the innovation ecosystem of a region. This is done by taking into account five different indicators: i) the relative strength of the innovation output of industry and academia, ii) the inventor density and the patent density, iii) the level of technology connectivity within a region, iv) the level of technology connectivity btween regions, v) the worldwide distribution of innovation hubs.
  2. Secondly, it offers a real-time assessment of peer-regions. This service allows RDAs to benchmark the five aforementioned performance indicators against other NUTS-2 regions. The information elements are updated periodically. Therefore, a continuous feedback loop is established and supports the assessment of peer-regions and global benchmark.
  3. Finally, the TechMeter Regional Analyzer provides specific improvement measures. Beyond analysis of the status quo and benchmarks with other regions, all information elements derived also provide valuable input to develop strategic action plans to improve the regions innovation eco-systems. They directly contribute to the SWOT analysis in the course of the process.

The Techmeter team prepared a demo-account with data for Europe’s NUTS-2 regions with focus on Hamburg for all technologies according to the CPA taxonomy. It is accessible via this link with the user “DE60” and the password “demo“.



Wednesday 22nd of July from 10h00-11h30 (CET)

10:00 – Welcome participantas
Moderator: Ivana Rae Almora, Project and Policy Officer at EURADA

10:10 – How the Techmeter Regional Analyzer can help RDAs
Speaker: Manfred Stadlbauer, Founder of Techmeter

10:50 – Summary of the presentation
Rapporteur: Alex Arcos, Communication & Project Officer at EURADA

10:55 – Opinion of the S3 professionals
Expert: Roberto Parras, RIS3 Secretar at IVACE

11:00 – Q&A

Speakers list

Manfred Stadlbauer
Manfred StadlbauerFounder of Techmeter
Roberto Parras
Roberto ParrasRIS3 Secretar at IVACE
Ivana Rae Almora
Ivana Rae AlmoraProject & Policy Officer at EURADA
Alex Arcos
Alex ArcosCommunication & Project Officer at EURADA