The TeRRItoria project is holding its kick-off meeting, with the aim to adapt Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) to regional and territorial governance. The project will improve territorial RRI by developing a set of transformative experiments, involving the quadruple helix actors (universities, industries, governments and civil society) in five different European territories.

EURADA will take part in this project, aiding to tackle current trends that are taking place nowadays within the European society, like a weak influence of science, or helping local and regional governments to avoid the difficulties in adapting to globalization challenges. It will improve RIS3 process through the exploration of synergies with RRI, achieving to make it inclusive, reflexive and responsible.

Two of our members will take an active role within the consortium. Our colleagues from ASTER (Emilia Romagna, Italy), will insert science education into their RIS3 policy by identifying training roles, tools and action to address new professional profile training needs in their region; Nord-Est Region (Romania) will develop a consultative instrument to identify and prioritise needs of innovation in communities, establishing a platform for innovation brokerage between local population, innovators and facilitators.

Finally, our friends from the Municipality of Gabrovo (Bulgaria), will develop of a Municipal Public Engagement Plan with the overall objective to overcome barriers among the local policy makers, citizens, businesses, education and research.