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Scope of the conference

Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) is a systematic pursuit of emergent innovation investment priorities carried by a wide involvement of socio-economic actors from a certain territory. Five years of implementation of smart specialisation strategies have demonstrated that EDP is the cornerstone of efficiently implemented strategies.

Considering the forthcoming, new operational programming period in mind, the conference will analyse in detail how to develop better strategies to accomplish the enabling conditions. It will provide helpful operative outcomes that could be replicated in other territories. The conference will provide practical lessons to improve the entrepreneurial discovery process (RIS3 platform of the JRC of the European Commission). Special emphasis will be given to governance of regional innovation ecosystems with a presentation of the experience of Östergötland (Sweden) that has been transferred to SNN in North Netherlands. Finally, the conference will a comprehensive vision about how to use smart specialisation strategies to establish regional cooperation agreements.


The conference has a practical content oriented to provide useful advice to regional economic practitioners. Avoiding to give too much information, it will provide just five practical lessons learnt co-created by the participants in the following aspects of regional innovation strategies:

  • Continuous entrepreneurial discovery process
  • Industrial transition
  • Governance
  • Stakeholders involvement
  • Transnational territorial cooperation

The participants will select the five more appropriates lessons learn from pitches done by the partners of the project BeyondEDP, experts from regional governments, Development Agencies and other representatives from regions. The best solutions pitch will be presented in the plenary.

Beyond EDP project

Financed by the Interreg Europe Programme, the aim of the Beyond EDP project was to provide substance, guidance and practical support to operationalise the concept of entrepreneurial discovery process. It did so through a mix of external experts combined with the mutual learning of several regions to share the practice-orientated activities guided by several peer reviews. The project developed valuable results that are useful to actors in different regional contexts. It did this by strengthening the analytical underpinnings of the entrepreneurial discovery process and valuable advice for policy-makers that it is going to be communicated in the final conference of the project.