WEBINAR: The future of Digital Innovation Hubs and Reference Sites in the Digital transformation of Health and Care in the EU

The European Commission will hold a webinar focusing on the role of Digital Innovation Hubs and Reference Sites (EIP on AHA) in the Digital transformation of Health and Care in the EU. Registration is free. This Webinar aims to present Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) in the Health sector and Reference Sites of the EIP-AHA demonstrating their […]

Culture in time of Corona 

When confronted with any crisis, the vital importance of culture and arts is revealed. Against the backdrop of the tragic economic and social catastrophe, we are witnessing the resilience and ability of the creative sector to adapt quickly. We have seen the world’s most powerful cultural institutions fall and the creators lose their jobs overnight. This […]

DIH WEBINAR: Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities

The previous webinar, held on 30/04/2020 introduced the idea of DIHs helping in the transition towards smart cities and highlighted measures that could help develop strategies, implement urban platforms, re-use existing digital tools and even arrive at providing urban digital services. The webinar on 25/05/2020 aim to complement these aspects with that of data and AI, trying to […]

WEBINAR: Community of Practice on Cities – How to scale up digital solutions in smart cities and communities?

Smart cities have been using data and digital technologies to create resource efficiencies and improve the quality of life for their citizens. The current pandemic has demonstrated that public administrations need to speed up their digital transformation. It is however, important that European cities and communities follow a path towards digital transformation that is smart, sustainable […]

Ask the Expert by ENRICH IN CHINA

ENRICH in China is organizing an online event – Ask the Expert taking place on May 26th, 2020, aiming to provide advice to the European companies doing business in China. In this online session, you will receive our practical and insightful advices provided by an ENRICH in China expert based on your specific questions. Two companies […]

Aftercare Talks: Policy Advocacy in Uncertain Times

These intimate gatherings designed only for FDI practitioners and policymakers will cover one area of Aftercare in each session, present practical examples and provide a space to ask difficult questions. We  had the privilege to work closely with Carolina Arriagada. She has contributed as speaker in several workshops and conferences organised by EURADA. Mrs. Arriagada knows […]

WEBINAR: Automotive Sector – Skills and Transformation

The European Commission has decided to launch this webinar given the need to reschedule the High-Level Conference “Skills and Transformation of the EU’s Automotive Sector” (originally foreseen to happen on 27 May 2020) due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and the consequent travel restrictions/containment measures put in place by Member States (including Belgium). The webinar will be an […]

Aftercare Talks: Aftercare and Covid

EURADA strongly recommends you to follow the FDI Aftercare Talks organised by Carolina Arriagada Peters. The first one is going to take place on Wednesday May 27th at 14:00 (CET). There are already more than 30 experts registered. These intimate gatherings designed for FDI practitioners and policymakers will cover one area of Aftercare in each session,  present […]

Innovation Management Programme: Lean-start-up methodology

The INSMEAcademy launches a new e-learning programme that covers the key aspects of innovation in 6 webinars plus 6 drill-down sessions held by world‑renowned academics, experienced venture capitalists, skilled consultants and talented entrepreneurs.  More information.


WEBINAR: Thinking ahead in local policies for successful energy and mobility transitions

After holding its first webinar on how to empower citizens into local heroes, SMARTEES continues its series with a second webinar to discuss patterns of successful energy and mobility transitions, take stock of experience, and re-think the way we design and implement local policies. This event is of interest for local governments and organised citizens, as […]