Innovation Management Programme: Lean-start-up methodology

The INSMEAcademy launches a new e-learning programme that covers the key aspects of innovation in 6 webinars plus 6 drill-down sessions held by world‑renowned academics, experienced venture capitalists, skilled consultants and talented entrepreneurs.  More information.


WEBINAR: Thinking ahead in local policies for successful energy and mobility transitions

After holding its first webinar on how to empower citizens into local heroes, SMARTEES continues its series with a second webinar to discuss patterns of successful energy and mobility transitions, take stock of experience, and re-think the way we design and implement local policies. This event is of interest for local governments and organised citizens, as […]

SMARTY online Interregional Policy Brokerage

The SMARTY project has identified Good Practices for unlocking the full potential of Industry 4.0 across Europe. If you are interested in learning about them, register now and join us for the fully online 1st SMARTY Interregional Policy Brokerage.  Interreg Europe project SMARTY is establishing a common basis for policy learning among its members in order to deal with […]

UNLOCKING DIVERSITY – Webinar 1: Access to divers finance in times of crisis

In our globalised times of constant changes, diversity has become a fact of life in Europe. It is sufficient to wander around a European city to see how our societies are more diverse than they have ever been. This diversity – or, in some cases, even “super-diversity” – has brought about a long list of benefits: […]

IEDC Webinar: From Farmers to Grocers to Servers, Food Systems Are Changing

COVID-19 has disrupted food supply chains in America and around the globe. As schools, restaurants, and other major consumers of food products closed, demand dried up, leaving farmers with excess crops. At the same time, food banks around the U.S. saw more clients as unemployment soared. These circumstances have reverberating effects on the restaurant, agriculture, and […]

WEB-CONFERENCE: A circular bioeconomy: providing solutions to the eu green recovery plan

The bioeconomy has a pivotal role to play in the transition to a more circular, sustainable and resource-efficient society. In order to achieve food security, meet climate and renewable energy targets and accelerate progress towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as important elements of the EU Green deal, the bioeconomy sectors need to continue to invest and innovate […]

International Cluster-to-Cluster (C2C) Meeting

C2C is conceived as a summit gathering clusters from different regions and countries aiming at exploring common areas of interest, activate new partnerships with clusters and other innovation actors, and exchanging innovative models for cluster collaboration. The event is an annual appointment for meeting high-level representatives of clusters and cluster experts to prepare the ground for practical cluster international cooperation and innovative […]

Aftercare Talks: Services to Retain Investors

These intimate gatherings designed only for FDI practitioners and policymakers will cover one area of Aftercare in each session, present practical examples and provide a space to ask difficult questions. We  had the privilege to work closely with Carolina Arriagada. She has contributed as speaker in several workshops and conferences organised by EURADA. Mrs. Arriagada knows […]

IEDC Webinar: Wish You Were Here: Tourism in a New Age

Measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 are at a direct opposition to the tourism industry; when the recommendation is to stay home and avoid plane travel, no amount of promotion will bring back the flow of visitors. Now, those in the travel industry are cautiously looking forward to re-opening, with new campaigns highlighting safety, and […]

Webinar: Post-covid-19 Era – Eu Member States And China In The Pursue For Growth

This webinar will be jointly presented by ENRICH in China and the Embassy of Sweden in Beijing, focusing on China’s digital transformation in the preparation for a “Post-Covid-19 Era”.  Already long before the Covid-19 breakout, the digital economy has been playing an increasingly significant role as a new driver for China’s economic growth and social transformation. […]