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As the regional dimension will play an important role in the economic recovery in Europe, the European Cluster Alliance will dedicate a week of its daily morning sessions of the European Alliance Against Coronavirus to the smart specialisation strategies and look at examples and good practices of how European institutions, regional authorities, and clusters can successfully collaborate and implement the available policy instruments. These are their sessions with the speakers (as of today, some speakers to be confirmed, changes possible).

Monday 7           S3 week – Enhancing R&I capacities + uptake of advanced technologies

Ulla Engelmann, DG GROW

Peter Berkowitz, DG REGIO

Krzysztof Krystowski, European Clusters Alliance

Magda de Carli, DG RTD

Carmen Sillero, IDEA


Tuesday 8           S3 week – Digitalisation for citizens, companies and governments

                                                         Theo Föllings, Oost NL

                                                         Cristina Murillo, GAIA

                                                         Anne-Marie Sassen, DG CNECT

                                                         Hassoun Mokhtar, Dev’Up


Wednesday 9     S3 week – Growth and competitiveness of SMEs, start-up/scale-up

                                                           Mikel Landabaso, JRC

                                                           Kristin Schreiber, DG GROW

                                                           Gabriela Macovieu, ADR Nord Est


Thursday 10       S3 week – Developing skills for S3, industrial transition and entrepreneurship

                                                           André Richier, DG GROW

                                                           Carla Jiménez, CEAGA

                                                           Felix Rohn, DG EMPL

                                                           Andreja Šeperac, SiMoRa


Friday 11             S3 week – International and Interregional cooperation

                                                           Kevin Morgan, Cardiff University

                                                           Anaïs Le Corvec, CEBR

                                                           Pascal Boijmans, DG GROW

                                                           Ilari Havukainen, Regional Council of Lapland

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