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The Covid-19 pandemic affects different places in different ways. Effective responses are likely therefore not only to be global but also local. Different places can benefit from designing customised solutions through the identification of local innovation opportunities. Sustainable Smart Specialisation Strategies (S4), as a governance model based on a place-based approach of regional innovation policy, could play a key role in the recovery process. The development of a shared vision of a territorial ecosystem combines with a multi-level governance approach linking bottom-up solutions to top-down directions.

The webinar “Place-based responses to the Covid-19 economic crisis” will focus on short-term responses to Covid-19 related to S3/S4 governance, as well as the medium/long-term role of S3/S4 in the post-recovery period, and related policy implications. This webinar is part of a series presented by the Territorial Development Unit of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and RSA Europe, based on selected themes of the SMARTER 2020 Conference. 

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