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Following the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, predictions of global output look ominous and a contraction in international trade is foreseen. In the light of those pessimistic scenarios, trade remains key in supporting economic recovery and reinstating to normality. However, protectionism practices seem to be gaining ground across the globe. The need to safeguard open trade and keep supply chains unobstructed is undoubtedly necessary. 

The international webinar “World trade and protectionism in the post-COVID era” will share insightful information and engage in an interesting dialogue with the audience on topics like: 

  • Are national and trade promotion organizations resilient enough to address such trade challenges?
  • Are there ways to boost confidence in trade and global markets in the face of further waves of the pandemic?
  • Is the impact felt similarly across nations and markets? Are developing and developed countries able to moderate the shock for SMEs in the same way and with same tools? 

Opening remarks will be delivered by Member of the European Parliament Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou, Vice-Chair of the Committee on International Trade. Speakers from BusinessEurope, the European Commission, the International Trade Centre, the World Bank Group and the World Trade Organisation.

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