This week, four French development agencies in France shared their successful experiences in combating the crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. They shared their experience through the weekly webinar organized by the European Innov-AL project and coordinated by INFYDE.  

Mr Benon, Director of the development agency CEEVO95 of the Val-d’Oise metropolis, explained the importance of having a solid network of international contacts. The economic relations with Japan and especially with China, have been particularly important for this crisis. His agency mobilised the supply of medical equipment first from Europe to China, and later he facilitated the import of masks from China. Trust on reliable international high-quality providers has been of utmost importance. Mr Benon indicated that ‘I am sincerely convinced, on the basis of my experience of international exchanges, that these links, these exchanges and these transfers of experience are important to promote the implementation of sustainable economic development policies, provided that sensitivity to intercultural differences is observed‘. The development agency CEEVO95 has been a member of Eurada since 1992. 

Ms Perpère from Agence de Développement Economique Pyrénées Méditerranée Invest explained the bonds that they have implemented to promote small commerce and restaurants. These bonds facilitate the short-chain supply of value. Dr Raboyeau from the Nouvelle Aquitaine Innovation and Development Agency explained how they have set up an industrial cooperation platform for the supply of medical equipment during the months of March to June. This platform for professional use has been a complete success that has mobilised more than 1,000 economic agents in its region. Finally, Jean-Pierre Leac, head of the department for services to enterprises in the Innovation and Development Agency of Haut de France, presented the actions carried out for the flexibility of industrial production and how his development agency will support the competitiveness of their regional industry in the near future. The presentations were followed by an animated discussion with the audience moderated by Eurada. 

These weekly meetings provide a close view of the experiences of regional development entities. They facilitate cooperation between entities in Europe and Latin America. The webinar has a weekly lively debate involving approximately 50 regional development experts. They take place every Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. (CET), always using the same link that you can find here.

If you missed past sessions or if you want the review them again, we have recorded them and are now available on our website as well as the agenda for the upcoming sessions. Here.