Eurada News nº391 – August 2019

Week of Innovative Regions: our experience in Iasi, Romania

Between 26th and 28th June, EURADA delegation participated in WIRE Conference – Week of Innovative Regions in Europe held in Iasi, Romania and organized by the North East Regional Development Agency. This was as an important event in the calendar of the Romanian of the European Union Council.

WIRE Conference – Week of Innovative Regions in Europe gathered experts from different fields such as innovation, education and research and it was an opportunity for all the participants to share their thoughts and experience concerning a wide range of issues, such as the future of R&I, while the audience had the opportunity to hear a variety of topics and different perspectives from the speakers.

The Palace of Culture gathered an impressive number of 280 delegates from 33 countries, out of which 190 were from the so-called ”widening countries”. Within the 2-days conference, there were organized 2 plenary sessions, 3 parallel workshops, 4 thematic workshops and 3 side events. EURADA delegation was actively involved in several sessions; for instance, the session called “Strengthening European Regional Innovation Ecosystem through Smart Specialization” was hosted by EURADA and the Ministry of Research and Innovation from Romania. Also, Mr. Esteban Pelayo, the director of EURADA, took part in the session “Research and Innovation for economic transformation” as rapporteur. In the last day of the conference EURADA members participated in the academic session hosted by ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, in which they presented the research paper Segmentation Techniques for Innovation Support Services, which will be published in the ”Review of Economic and Business Studies” – the Journal of Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration of „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” from Iasi, Romania. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to present the successful experience of OASIS Project, which aims at optimizing support for innovating SMEs through analyses of the existing approaches to the segmentation techniques and the assessment of the effectiveness of regional support mechanisms currently used in Europe; the paper drew the attention of participants, who did not hesitate to address questions to EURADA members. The session represented an useful opportunity for both sides for sharing experiences and exchange ideas relevant for their field of work.

The importance of the participation of our members in the WIRE conference also derives from the fact that the Regional Development Agency Nord-Est is one of the leading members of EURADA. ADR Nord-Est is part of the Board of Directors since 2003 and proved to be a reliable partner within many relevant projects and activities. Therefore, Wire Conference was an opportunity to meet members from ADR Nord Est, which allowed us to discuss further initiatives, share experiences and promote our projects.

Also, we had the opportunity to meet Mr. Kevin Morgan, who is a Professor at the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University from UK. Professor Kevin Morgan is one of the closest friends of EURADA and is supporting us with ideas, as he has relevant experience in studying the activity of regional development agencies.

The EURADA delegation was composed by Esteban Pelayo – director of EURADA, Antoni Pastor – Policy Officer, Matyas Talas – Policy Officer and Anatolie Carbune, Research Assistant.

For more information about the conference check the official website:

Written by Anatolie Carbune, Research Assistant