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Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies - 6th Edition

Once again, the hard and constant work of development agencies has been reflected during the celebration of the sixth edition of the Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies. During the Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies, on March 25th, agencies were able to enjoy the unique experience of sharing their successful projects and future and promising ideas, as well as creating one of the most effective networks at European level. We can confidently say that this event is one of the most enriching and fruitful opportunities for European development agencies. While meeting experts in the innovation field, you can find new partners for ongoing or future proposals. 

We have seen today how participants from all corners of the European Union have made synergies that hopefully will be translated into implemented projects. During the session, we had the great pleasure of welcoming speakers from the European Commission who presented future initiatives within the new Horizon Europe programme in support of innovation and digitalisation. Subsequently, ten members of different organizations exhibited their successfully completed and ongoing projects which continue developing within their respective agencies. Moreover, other ten members have given presentations of new project ideas with the goal of obtaining new partners. Finally, fourteen members more have showcased how they work and their main interests inside the organisation. 

This has enabled that, and thanks to the shared, public catalogue of participants and profiles, all attendees have been given the chance to arrange bilateral meetings, create consortiums for potential projects, and forge links for future partnerships. From EURADA’s side, it is a real pleasure to be able to contribute to and help create new synergies between organisations which share a common interest in these upcoming calls. We appreciate the active participation and collaboration of the over 65 organisations that shared their work with us. 

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