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e.Do Robot Challenge Winners

In the framework of the EU Industry week, last 25th and 26th of February COMAU, alongside EURADA, organised the e.Do Robot Challenge, an event about educational robotics. Each team had access to an e.Do Cube, a product that allows users to program a virtual e.Do Robot.  During the competition, each team had the chance to invent, design, and propose innovative solutions and to demonstrate their technological abilities in the field of Industry 4.0.

There were two teams awarded as winners of said challenge: the “Cyber Ninjas” from Albania and “ESCP BizTech” from the UK. 

The team awarded the best prize for the quality, innovation and efficiency of their invention was the Cyber Ninjas from UAMD “Aleksandër Moisiu" Durres, Albania, in collaboration with Crystal System Group ltd. They developed the project 3D Beehive “3DHIVE”. A team made up of 3 young students from UAMD Durres Albania (Clirim Furriku, Donald Azemaj and Julian Mata), 1 professor from UAMD Durres (Anxhela Gjecka) and 1 Employee from Crystal System Group ltd (Zenaida Voculet-Bursuc Team Lead), demonstrated how technology can be an essential vehicle for caring for and improving environment. To do so, they devised through the e.Do Robot a 3D printer that can design and manufacture beehives for bees.  

Through this impressive and innovative combination of technology and nature, their goal is to save the energy that bees have to invest when building the hives themselves, energy that can be focused 100% on the tasks of pollination and honey production.  In addition to this transversal idea applicable to projects around the world, the efficiency of its design allows for the creation of these hives in a very short time through its simple shape that can be easily scaled into a hive or into multiple hives, as well as having the option to customise the hive later. In this way, the first and original hexagonal sketch, through the coding of the robot and the 3D model, becomes a usable hive for bees that can be placed on trees, on sidewalks or on walls of big cities near green areas. Additionally, the materials used in the final product are environmentally friendly. You can watch how this project works following this link. 

Second place was awarded to ESCP BizTech team, composed of 4 young students (Varun Behl, Ho Fai Sze, Nancy Tohme and Carlos Villanueva) with professional vision and talent who developed a project called SEAM - Surgical instrument designed using the e.Do robot and Additive Manufacturing, to be used in the future in the field of health care. 

The SEAM prototype aims to merge the three main functionalities needed for the laparoscopy procedure (surgical tools, a high-intensity light, and a high-definition camera) into one single instrument that performs the same functions. The idea of building this product was based on compliant mechanisms as using a 6-axis 3D printer is the most efficient way to manufacture it. The SEAM prototype is simulated using e.DO a multidirectional additive manufacturing simulator created by COMAU to visualise the 3D printing manufacturing process.  This mechanism could offer valuable improvements to minimal invasive surgeries such as the laparoscopy by simplifying the medical procedure, reducing the risks of surgery, and lowering manufacturing costs.  You can watch a promotional video of the SEAM prototype following this link. 

Thanks to initiatives such as 3DHIVE and SEAM, we can perceive how the Fourth Industrial Revolution can reformulate and improve the industrial sector in fields as important as the environment and health. Each contestant of Cyber Ninjas and ESCP BizTech has enormous potential that will allow them to continue working and developing themselves in this new process of digital technologies. Huge congratulations from us! 

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