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Interreg Europe

Interreg Europe: ESSPO

Efficient support services portfolios for SMEs

1st April 2016 to 31st March 2021   


ESSPO addresses the issue of insufficient impact and efficiency of policies aiming to enhance SMEs competiveness, especially their growth on national and international markets as well as their engagement in innovation processes. The project will support the improvement of regional policies to support SME competitiveness

The territories represented in the project as well as all EU regions need to develop comprehensive support portfolios designed as policy mixes, making synergies of different services and in a smart way targeting their specific support to appropriate segments of SME population. The project will work on the solutions to align the support services into efficient portfolios such as as:

development of new support services to better much the SME needs (filling the gaps, aliment to changing conditions)
diagnostic tools to assess company absorption capacity and managemnt tools to provide the right match of needs with competent support;
combination of different kinds of support (financial, advice, access to infrastructure etc.) into a joint set;
better coordination the support provided by different actors and remedies to its fragmentation;
improvements of support good quality;
improvements of programme management practices (calls for proposals, project and contact with beneficiaries, monitoring and evaluation the results).


EURADA provided the methodology for seld-assement of regional policies, the peer learning and supports the communication of the project


Coordinator: Poznan Science and Technology Park Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation (PL)