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ReConfirm or The Regional Co-operation Networks for Industrial Modernisation Initiative is an EU funded project designed specifically to assist European regions and industrial stakeholders to implement their action plan under the Smart Specialisation Platform for Industrial Modernisation (S3P)

ReConfirm assists partnerships along the phases of the S3P-Industry towards the signature of investment protocols. How do they do that?


ReConfirm guides and supports the process until the final implementation:

  1. Phase 0: Setting up a thematic area and concrete investment ideas and possibilities to establish cooperation, ReConfirm through a launch event gets the partners to discuss their collaboration and prepare the expression of interest;

  2. Phase 1: Mapping of business opportunities, the project theme and the partners need to be defined. ReConfirm provides support, organises and conducts through the scoping note (priorities and next steps) and the mapping paper. At this point ReConfirm helps to organise a collaboration lab where partnership’s priorities are defined, this will be following by an instant report and further mapping;

  3. Phase 2: Industry design of projects, support the production of a draft road map validated towards investments protocols. (ReConfirm organises a strategic Workshop);

  4. Phase 3: Business plan and funding mix, ReConfirm mission is to secure the fundings and help to start the implementation.


ReConfirm will guide you and your partners through these steps from the very beginning to the final implementation. To accomplish this, ReConfirm, counts on different level of expertise as EU brokers, mapping experts, local brokers and communication and events support experts.


The main objective is support European regions and industrial stakeholders to connect, form partnerships and reach agreements to cooperate and modernise industry together.


ReConfirm will bring together: Businnes advisors through the European Business Network; Regional development agencies through the EURADA network and strong and dynamic clusters through the European Cluster Cooperation Network.


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