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U-Eco – Upskilling for More Creative Circular Economy 

The traditional, linear economic model – based on the idea of the production, consumption, and subsequent disposal of goods – results in vast amounts of resources going to waste. As we increasingly deal with the various challenges of inhabiting a world of finite resources, the necessity of transitioning to a Circular Economy in order to reuse and repurpose used goods and materials is becoming clearer and clearer. 

As a response to this, EURADA takes part in the project U-Eco – co-financed by the European Union’s ERASMUS+ program – which aims to equip Europeans with greater understanding of the Circular Economy, thus boosting their employability, supporting self-employment, and meeting the new labour market demand for Circular Economy activities. The project began in October 2019 and will continue until September 2021. 

 U-Eco's four goals 

  1. Identify the current state of Circular Economy in the Eurozone, 

  2. Identify fields with more growth potential and professions needed, 

  3. Promote Circular Economy by highlighting the opportunities this model has to offer and underlining the risks linear economy has on our society, 

  4. Educate and introduce young adults to circular business models and empower them in the Circular Economy Context. 

U-Eco's 3 Intellectual Outputs 

  • Intellectual Output 1 – Circular Economy for promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment: Major expected outputs: design and implementation of a training strategy based on the analysis of the current state of development and application of the CE in the partners’ countries, needed to detect which our baseline is and to trace the way forward,  

  • Report on Market research on entrepreneurship opportunities 

  • Catalogue on job profiles needed in a CE context 

  • Training modules 

  • Intellectual Output 2 – Learning from real life. Major expected outputs: selection of successful case studies and good practices divided into 5 blocks connected to the areas previously identified with the aim of inspiring the potential entrepreneurs, 

  • Intellectual Output 3 – Upgrading facilitator for Circular Economy. Major expected outputs: the creation of a manual for trainers (in e-format). Future trainers will need to work independently in an effective way, so it is intended to produce a manual too, on the one hand, be able to use all tools and products developed within the project and, on the other hand, be able to apply de methodology followed within U-eco and further develop their own tools. 

Project publications 

  • First newsletter – January 2020 
  • First press release – March 2020 
  • Second newsletter – August 2020 
  • Second press release – September 2020 
  • Third press release – November 2020 
  • Third newsletter – December 2020 
  • Fourth press release – April 2021 
  • Fourth newsletter – Mei 2021 


Upcoming events 

  • 19-21 May 2021: Joint-staff training (Online). 

  • 16th June 2021: Multiplier Event EURADA. 

  • September 2021: Final Meeting: Brussels (Belgium). 


Project partners