Esteban Pelayo
Esteban Pelayo
Esteban Pelayo joined EURADA in 2015 as director. Before he has worked in the EU office of the Region of Murcia in Brussels (2011-2015) and in the Regional Development Agency of Murcia (2000-2011) where he coordinated the network of technology centers of the Regional Development Agency. He started his professional career in the Innovation Relay Center Network helping companies to establish transnational technology transfer agreements (IPR licensing) in the University of Alicante (1996-2000).
Tessa Anné
Tessa Anné
After obtaining her Masters degree in Linguistics and Literature, Tessa worked for various public and private companies in their communication and marketing departments. She joined EURADA in 2007 to strengthen the communication activities of the association and to provide assistance in the administrative implementation of projects. During these years she has participated in and has been responsible for engaging stakeholders, organisation of events for best practice exchanges and awareness raising of 14 EU funded projects.

We are lucky to have experts, trainees, and students participating in our work

Elías ARTIGAS, EU Project officer
Nuria FORNÉS, Policy officer
Tommaso GALLI, Policy officer
Dr. Anna IRMISCH, OaSIS project officer
Christopher McINNES, EU Project officer
Antoni PASTOR, Communication and Policy officer
Naiara ZARAGOZÁ, Policy officer

We are also grateful to the other people who have contributed to EURADA in the past

Christian SAUBLENS
Marianne TOMBEUR