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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the use (including the mere access) of the contents and services available on the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) website (

The website and its contents were developed under the responsibility of EURADA (, European Association of Development Agencies based at Rue Montoyer, 24 B-1000 Brussels. Any visitor accessing EURADA’s website is considered a "user" and in this condition, expressly, automatically and voluntarily accepts to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


Scope and Objectives

The purpose of the website is to make public relevant information about the mission, the objectives achieved and the activities carried out. Also, it gathers the information of the membership and the partnerships. The main goal is to showcase the projects, events and activities in which EURADA is involved. The website is one of one of communication tools to disseminate and promote the activities carried on by EURADA employees


Definitions and Concepts

  • Administrator – Entity responsible for the general administration of the platform, responsible for managing the entire system. You have permission to manipulate all platform content.
  • Local Administrator (or Superuser) – Entity responsible for the current management of the platform. It manipulates the master tables (consultation, creation, updating and deletion), defines users according to the different profiles established and assigns accreditation to the users themselves.
  • Recipient – ​​Person to whom the activities or services sought by the user are intended within the scope of initiatives.
  • Information Request – A request for information, created and sent directly by a user, sent to the EURADA’s Local Administrator.
  • User - User of the platform, natural or legal person who uses or browses the EURADA’s Portal page (
  • Visitor - User, anonymous, who can search and consult the contents of the page.



  • Complete responsive interface, adaptable to web platforms and fully compatible with the main browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.
  • All information contained in EURADA’s website can be downloaded by users
  • General organization of content in thematic areas referring to the typologies of initiatives.


Electronic Communications and Hyperlinks (Links)

In order to facilitate and provide access to content and additional information, EURADA may include links to third-party websites. Any links that allow access to third-party websites are provided for the interest and convenience of users.


If you choose to use these links, you should be careful to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of those websites before starting the session. EURADA’s Administrators do not assume any responsibility for the content, quality, security or other functionality of these websites. EURADA does not have any kind of influence over the external links.


Users' Rights

We recommended reading the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy of our website.