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A strategic partnership between Enterprise Greece and e-commerce platforms

One more time, our member, Enterprise Greece, has accomplished a fruitful partnership which will ensure higher benefits for Greek companies. In this…

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Turkish Regional Development Agencies and OKA

Written by Fatih Ege - Head of Human Resources and Financial Affairs Unit in OKA


On the 26th of July, EURADA organised an online presentation about…

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Dutch Member Oost NL Accelerates Launch of new Communication Platform Start-up Comvay360

Written by Jip Lenssen, Junior Erasmus+ Project Officer


In our monthly newsletter, the EURADA secretariat informs you about what is happening in…

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Nagase & Co, a Japanese company supported by ALDERLY (InvestinLyon)

Today we want to report, another successful case of our member, ALDERLY/Invest in Lyon, the regional development agency of France, through their…

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InSus realizes new facility on Synergy park InnoFase in Duiven

Once again, our member, the East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL), has succeeded in its intervention in supporting the regions’ companies…

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The ENHANCER project comes to Konya to improve entrepreneurial skills for better socio-economic cohesion

Our member, MEVKA - Mevlana Development Agency, has recently announced the launching of the first training session in Konya of the ENHANCER Project,…

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A shared perspective of Talent challenges, with Invest in Lyon, Berlin Partner & Rotterdam Partners [EU-funded Project INNOSUP-05]

We would like to showcase a new profitable cooperation case of our member, Invest in Lyon development agency together with Berlin Partner & Rotterdam…

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Where innovation meets directionality: an index to measure regional readiness to deal with societal challenges

By María Fabregat - Assistant Project Officer


The article explores the territorial component of challenge-oriented innovation policy and makes…

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