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ToBe Kicks Off in Finland

Article written by María Midón - Project Officer

For the occasion of Horizon Europe ToBe’s Kick-off meeting, representatives of EURADA’s Secretariat…

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The success of the first EURADA Winter School

Article written by Nora Scantamburlo - Project Officer

For the first time this winter, EURADA began a tradition that is likely to last: the…

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META Group launches a pitching support service to helps innovators accelerate their entrepreneurial journey

Article written by Lorenzo Valeriani - Senior project manager and start-ups coach from META Group

META Group, an Italian member of EURADA, is…

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Bretagne Devéloppement Innovation: a key player at CFIA 2023

The CFIA (Carrefour des Fournisseurs de l'Industrie Agroalimentaire) is Europe's leading exhibition for professionals in the agri-food industry. Held…

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The Regional Development Fund of Attika runs a "children's university" since March

In March, the operation of the "Children's University" of Attica Region started for the period: March-May 2023.

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DEV'UP Centre-Val de Loire supports startups in La Poste's French IoT 2023 competition

Innovation is one of the main drivers of economic growth and competitiveness today. In this context, startups play a key role as agents of change and…

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Six schools from the Ajdovščina region compete for the annual POPRI competition

Today we would like to share a success story with you that fosters the development of the region by promoting school development. In this case through…

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Thanks to ACIISI, the Canary Islands are home to the first virtual campus in Europe specialising exclusively in the Blue Economy

Today we want to share the case of our Spanish member ACIISI with you. It has an infrastructure that allows the development of new ideas such as the…

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