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ALLVIEW - Alliance of Centres of Vocational Excellence


ALLVIEW is an Erasmus+ project which brings together a broad range of actors from 8 different EU countries to try to close the skills gap in the Wood & Furniture sector. In the context of a constantly advancing and developing field such as W&F, it is not always easy for education providers to offer the most up-to-date curricula which develop all of the new skills which the industry desires from new graduates entering the field. For this reason ALLVIEW, in each of its partner regions, will bring together a broad spectrum of actors ranging from industry representatives through vocational education and training (VET) providers, trade unions, universities, state employment services, and others.

EURADA’s role in the project is to guide the above process of bringing together relevant actors and forming them into Regional Stakeholder Groups (RSG), with the ultimate aim of developing updated curriculums for W&F VET courses through a process of joint discussion between all those actors. 

In addition to this, the project will also pursue a number of other strategies for closing the W&F skills gap, including the development of: 

  • an AI-based Skills Assessment Framework

  • a Blended Learning Library 

  • a Toolkit of Key Enabling Technologies for training, such as 3D printing and Augmented Reality 

  • ways to promote Corporate Social Responsibility 

  • enhanced Dual Learning and teacher/student mobility actions

Join the Allview Platform that connects individuals, training providers, and companies, fostering skill enhancement, job opportunities, and industry growth.

Contact person in EURADA: Marta Serrano