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Ivana Rae Almora

Project Manager

+32 4798 82613

Giacomo Frisanco

Head of Communication, Policy and Membership Department

+32 4781 00426

Iraia Duarte

Financial Manager

Jerome Friedrichs

Policy Officer

María Midón

Project Officer

Jip Lenssen

Project Officer

Nora Scantamburlo

Project Officer

External Consultants

Marta Serrano

External expert on Erasmus+ Projects


Carmela Navarro

Project & Proposals Intern
Coming from IVACE (Spain)

Paula Montero

Project & Policy Intern
Coming from SPRI (Spain)

Neus Armenjach 

Communication Intern
Coming from EURO Dissey scholarhip

Julia Caburnay

Project & Policy Intern
Coming from UCAM(Spain)