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ClusterXchange is a program that supports short-term exchanges with the goal of better connecting Europe's industrial ecosystems. It facilitates transnational cooperation, peer learning, networking and innovation between actors of different industrial clusters. It is implemented with support from Cluster Organisations that have teamed up in  European Cluster Partnerships | Excellence. An exchange consists of a 3-day to 1-month long stay abroad performed between an eligible Visiting Organisation and Host Organisation in another country.

The nature of each exchange may follow different specific objectives within a broader approach aiming at the consolidation and/or the creation of new value chains across Europe. The types of activities Visiting and Host Organisations may carry out during an exchange are:

  • Individual or grouped capacity building
  • Sharing of knowledge, experience and information in specific areas
  • Project development, innovation and research and development
  • Market research
  • Networking, identifying new partners and creating business opportunities

EURADA oversees the management of the Support Office, providing expert support to ensure a successful exchange, as well as generating different types of guidance, through promotion, training and networking opportunities, to facilitate the implementation of ClusterXchange’s best practices.


Contact people in EURADA: Ivana Rae Almora and María Midón