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Horizon Europe


RAISE is a Horizon Europe-funded project of 24 months that started on 1st June 2022 with estimated eligible costs of €498,625.00 (maximum grant amount is €498,625.00).

Startup Europe has drastically changed the start-ups landscape in Europe over the last 4 years putting start-ups and entrepreneurship high in the EU political agenda. This initiative has had the capacity to unite start-up ecosystems across Europe, and to launch a truly convergence movement to build a “start-up-friendly Europe”, through projects and other initiatives.

RAISE will develop a long-term collaboration and action plan for the establishment of a virtual interconnected space for EU start-ups to scale up, building on established pan-European associations for the most relevant dimensions  of  start-up  support (public  incentives,  research  and  innovation,  private  seed funding) and on dynamic ecosystems in Europe.

The RAISE concept is an integrated approach that builds on the synergy and complementarity of several pan-European dimensions in order to cover the full cycle of support to start-up and scaleup.



The main goal of this proposal is to contribute to the development of a new and sustainable integrated support framework to foster start-up growth and scale-up across Europe in all its dimensions, from initial funding, to research support to public incentives and internationalisation.  This will result in promoting competitive business models, unconventional products and solutions, in all over Europe, and contributing to the establishment of a true EU start-up ecosystem.

The project specifically aims to:

  1. To link the 63 regions represented under SERN, with the200+ investors that are EBAN members, the 65 innovation and development agencies in EURADA, the 160,000 researchers worldwide via ICORSA’s member associations, and the 350 science and technology parks gathered under IASP represented by F-PCTEX and open the resulting virtual connected space to start-ups and entrepreneurs from across Europe;

  2. To plan common actions to help start-ups scale up through privileged links to regional funding instruments, major research actors and with EU Investor communities, such as business angels;

  3. Reach out to other regions, inclusive outside Europe, and contribute to develop start-up friendly regional policies and interconnected ecosystems;

  4. Contribute to the overall visibility of the resulting integrated start-up support framework through a mix of targeted and high-level communication actions.


Contact persons at EURADA: Giacomo Frisanco and/or Nora Scantamburlo