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Horizon Europe


K-CCRI is a Horizon Europe-funded project of 24 months that was launched in January 2024 with a maximum grant amount of €2 612 932.04.

EURADA is now a partner in the newly launched European project, K-CCRI. Funded under Horizon Europe and initiated in January 2024, the project attempts to establish a “knowledge hub” for assisting cities and regions in their transition towards a more circular economy.

The overarching aim of K-CCRI aims to enhance the impact of the current Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI), a pivotal component of the EU's 2020 Circular Economy Action Plan, by expanding stakeholder networks, consolidating existing knowledge, and leveraging critical mass developed around the implementation of the Circular Economy. The project seeks to promote and update the concept of circular economy in EU cities and regions, particularly those in the early stages of transitioning. Acting as a "knowledge hub," K-CCRI will build upon existing initiatives and projects to facilitate the adoption of circular economy practices.

The project aligns with the European Union's broader initiatives to unite research and innovation projects that address pressing issues such as climate change, pollution, soil consumption, and loss of biodiversity. While some regions have embraced circular economy solutions, many practices remain limited in scale, depth, and speed of adoption.

With a multidisciplinary consortium of 11 partners from 6 EU countries, including EURADA, the project is coordinated by Kveloce, an international consultancy firm specialised in research, development, and innovation.

The K-CCRI formula is based on three core principles:

  1. Easy access to actionable systematised knowledge;
  2. Tailor-made tutoring according to user needs and;
  3. Effective awareness-raising to enhance the desirability of the circular economy.

EURADA is committed to contributing to the success of K-CCRI and looks forward to leveraging its expertise to support cities and regions in their journey towards embracing circular economy solutions.

Contact person at EURADA: Jerome Friedrichs.