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European Citizens' Hackathon Championship

The new initiative  European Citizens’ Hackathon Championship aims to enhance climate change solutions that prioritise citizens' needs and are collaboratively developed with various stakeholders including industry, cities, regions, public administrations, and research communities.  

With a total budget of €948,068.77 and a duration that will extend throughout the year 2024, it will actively support the EU Mission on Climate Neutral and Smart Cities as well as the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change, empowering citizens to play a pivotal role in shaping the future while mitigating and adapting to climate change challenges. 

The European Citizens’ Hackathon Championship aligns with EU missions by empowering citizens to co-create both technological and social solutions that address climate objectives and meet societal needs and endeavours to harness knowledge through citizen engagement, driving innovation forward.  

The championship unfolds in two phases: 

Initially, a series of local hackathons will be organized across at least 22 countries, comprising EU member states and associated states. Citizen-researcher teams will vie for the most promising climate change solutions. Winning teams will then undergo specialised training and mentorship to refine their ideas for the EU final competition. 

In the second phase, victorious teams from local hackathons will converge for a final European hackathon to determine three European Champions. These champions will receive further support to promote their solutions for societal and market adoption through a tailored support program

The initiative was set to commence with a call for participation in February 2024, followed by local hackathons in EU member states and associated countries in spring 2024. The European final, where the three champions will be crowned, is scheduled for autumn 2024. 

The Championship will primarily be executed online, facilitated by a consortium selected through a competitive tendering process. 

To learn more relevant information about the initiative and follow the day-to-day of the process, you can keep informed through the following channels: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube

Contact person in EURADA: Nora Scantamburlo