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Horizon Europe


PROTECT is a Horizon Europe-funded project of 24 months that started on 1 June 2022 with estimated eligible costs of €1,953,528.80 (maximum grant amount is €1,953,526.25). PROTECT aims at levering innovation procurement to unlock the climate service (CS) market’s potential to support urgent climate adaptation and mitigation.

The project will allow public and private organisations to build up and integrate their knowledge and skills about climate change, environmental observation (EO) and innovation procurement, notably enabling public authorities to shift to a proactive governance model, using innovative public procurement approaches to increase value and climate impact for money.

While European cities and regions’ demand for climate services is highly fragmented and prevents the formulation of realistic needs to the climate services’ market, both sides are not sufficiently informed about the potential of data collected through Environmental Observation modalities to help advance the development of climate services. Through Pre-Commercial Procurement, cities and regions can steer the development of climate services based on environmental observation towards their needs, thereby achieving their climate adaptation and mitigation objectives. 

PROTECT prepares the ground for and facilitates the undertaking of joint, cross-border, coordinated Pre-Commercial Procurement(s) in the area of climate change adaptation and mitigation to enable the up-scaling and wide use of climate services using Environmental Observation to respond to common needs in this area. 


PROTECT’s actions include: 

  • Market gap analysis of climate services’ needs 

  • Building and engaging a community of climate services’ buyers 

  • Bridging the demand and supply gap for climate services and preparing the Pre-Commercial Procurement 

PROTECT will look at public buyers’ most pressing needs in 5 application domains where climate services could bring significant impacts in mitigating and adapting to the risks and effects of climate change. 

  • Sustainable urban communities 

  • Energy and utilities 

  • Civil security and protection 

  • Agriculture, forestry and other land use 

  • Marine and coastal environments 


Contact people at EURADA: Jerome Friedrichs