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10th Meeting of the Working Group on Smart Heritage Cities

17th of May, 11:00 – 12:00 CEST (online)

Hosted by EURADA, in the framework of the POCITYF project

Scope of the meeting: 

Innovation and new approaches to cultural heritage preservation have been on the spotlight in recent years due to the increasing concern for climate change adaptation. Various practices have thus been developed and used by local and national authorities in order to address these concerns. However, these practices contain nuances within them that, should other authorities wish to transfer the knowledge to their own territories, must be discussed in detail.   

Hence, the 10th meeting of the Smart Heritage Cities Working Group entitled Best Practices on Smart City Transformation and Rehabilitation will provide the platform for local authorities to share their experiences on their journey to preserving and/or restoring their cultural heritage sites. Presentations will be made by experts who will help connect related questions and topics around energy transition and cultural heritage preservation. 

Sound interesting? Don’t miss out and join in on the conversation

This Working Group (WG) on Smart Heritage Cities held its kick-off meeting in November 2020.  The WG is a high-level discussion group aiming to gather experts and practitioners to share their knowledge on citizen engagement and its main implications on governance.   

Meeting Agenda: 


11.00 – 11.05 

Welcome and Introduction 

11.05 – 11.15 

Roundtable of introduction from participants 

11.15 – 11.25 

Rehabilitation and restoration of Cittadella Gozo 

Selected as the Regiostars Public Choice award of 2022, this initiative has demonstrated the dedication of the local and national government in protecting a Natura 2000 site. Dead spaces were regenerated taking into consideration social and cultural aspects along with innovation in infrastructure development.    

 Presented by: 

  • Stephen Cini, Assistant Director, Head Office of Cultural Heritage Directorate


11.25 – 11.35 

Down-to-earth collaboration in France and England for low-carbon, sustainable houses

CobBauge won the RegioStars Awards in 2019 for promoting sustainable, low-carbon houses. The project involved exchanging knowledge, skills, and best practices in building low-carbon homes  ensuring their affordability and accessibility. The collaboration resulted in the development of innovative low-carbon building materials and the construction of over 100 low-carbon houses. The project demonstrated the benefits of cross-border collaboration in promoting sustainable development and reducing carbon emissions in the sector.

Presented by:
•    Karen Hood-Cree, Project Manager OF CobBauge

11.35 – 12.00 

Discussion and Q&A