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Agorada2021: “Opportunities for Development Agencies in the next multiannual financial framework (2021-2027)”

When: 27 May

Where: Online


The goal of AGORADA 2021 “Opportunities for Development Agencies in the next multiannual financial framework (2021-2027)” is to analyse the main opportunities in EU programmes for Development Agencies. We will hear first-hand about three main policies of the European Union in the field of economic development concerning the work of Regional Development Agencies.


This international conference gathers practitioners, experts, and policy makers to jointly discuss how each policy and program may influence the path of Regional Development Agencies across Europe, as well as direct the policies and decisions of the European Commission. Economic development policies encompass a very broad range of topics, from interregional and international cooperation to the challenges of climate change, among others. However, governments and Development Agencies are not always able to address the challenges posed by all these innovative policies of the European Union.  

AGORADA fosters solution-oriented exchange, enables networking, and brings local and regional agents of development closer to the EU institutions and opportunities. It is the unique opportunity for development agencies and related ecosystems to exchange knowledge and network.  

Do not hesitate to join the international community! 

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