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ART-ER: Fostering Innovation and Sustainable Growth in Emilia-Romagna

Article written by Neus Armenjach - Junior Communications Officer

What comes to your mind when you think about the Emilia Romagna region? Probably some of you will say the stunning landscapes, and others will think about the wide variety of gastronomy typical of the area. But for regional development practitioners, Emilia-Romagna stands as Italy's representation of innovation, and at the heart of this vibrant ecosystem lies our member ART-ER.

Recently the Transatlantic Subnational Innovation Competitiveness Index appointed the Region of Emilia Romagna as the most innovative region in Italy considering 13 indicators grouped into 3 thematic clusters: knowledge economy, globalisation and innovation capacity.

Since its inception in 2019, ART-ER has been crucial in promoting the region's collective ingenuity towards sustainable growth and technological advancement. As a consortium company with the Emilia-Romagna Region as its main shareholder, ART-ER serves as a catalyst for collaboration among diverse stakeholders, including universities, research institutions, and local entities.

The consortium is committed to bolstering the region's innovation ecosystem through strategic partnerships and participatory processes, ART-ER fosters a culture of innovation that impacts every facet of Emilia-Romagna's economic and social landscape. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in propelling the region to the forefront of Italy's innovation scene.

The key to success in Emilia-Romagna's outstanding regional performance is due to two main factors. Firstly, it is the consistent long-term vision behind innovative policies since the 2000s. This stability has laid a strong foundation for growth. And secondly, it is an inclusive approach involving all stakeholders in the region. By working together and using foresight strategies, Emilia-Romagna has been able to attract investments and promote growth in the region.

In addition to innovation, recently ART-ER has obtained 110 million euros to support the ecological transition of the regional economic and social system to be used in 3 years. Moreover, they provide support to startups and foster open innovation pathways.

Looking ahead, ART-ER remains committed to driving Emilia-Romagna's innovation agenda forward. Despite global economic uncertainties, the region's prospects remain positive, and the regional GDP is expected to keep growing, as well as the labour market performance.

In conclusion, ART-ER's commitment to building a strong and inclusive innovation ecosystem empowers people to succeed in this ever-changing global landscape and reinforces its crucial role in propelling Emilia-Romagna towards a future of sustainable growth and prosperity.