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CircSyst Project Kicks Off in Spain

Article written by Jip Lenssen - Project Officer

CircSyst is a HORIZON-funded project that brings together a consortium of 32 public and private entities from a wide range of countries including Spain, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary, aiming to establish large-scale pilot systems that implement circular business models that will be widely replicated at European level.

The project has a duration of 36 months and launches 9 demonstrators each developing solutions relating to three main blocks. The reuse of wastewater, bio-waste and food packaging waste valorisation. These regions include Riba-roja (Spain), Podravje (Slovenia), Flanders (Belgium), Visby (Sweden), Paijat-Hame-Lahti (Finland), Castilla la Mancha (Spain), Valencian Community (Spain), Thessaloniki (Greece), and East and Central Hungary.

The project brings together regions that are dedicated to promoting a circular economy and finding circular systemic solutions as part of the European Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI). Currently, many European regions are carrying out activities to enhance the circularity of their economies. However, as stated by CCRI, "there are gaps in knowledge, information, skills, and awareness." (European Commission, 2024) This project aims to help bridge some of these gaps.

The solutions that this project offers are intended to address problems in the demonstrators’ geographical scopes that increase industrial symbiosis (to create raw materials from one industrial process to another) to apply in cross-sectorial and cross-border replication. EURADA’s role in this project is to facilitate the uptake and awareness of these circular systemic solutions in the abovementioned solution blocks. We will do this by conducting communication and dissemination tasks in the project.

EURADA is looking forward to working together with our members IVACE as associated project partners in knowledge transfer and replicability to the Valencian community who are proud members of the CCRI initiative. As well as our members of the Regional Development Agency of Podravje leading the demonstrator for agricultural industry and utilities uses for reclaimed urban water. In the coming weeks, the project’s website and social media will be launched. EURADA will be at the forefront of this activity. Please keep an eye out for this on our website and social media.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact our colleague Jip Lenssen should you have any questions.