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Webinar: Regional Development Agency and Intellectual Property Overview of supportive initiatives to Regional Companies

On 19 April 2023, EURADA and EUIPO are organising a 2nd webinar on Intellectual Property (IP) for Regional Development Agencies (RDAs). It aims to provide a better overview of the European activities connected to IP for local SMEs.

In Spring 2021, European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and EURADA signed a collaboration agreement to encourage activities and promote services that support small businesses. The agreement covers activities such as training in intellectual property, knowledge sharing, event participation, and awareness raising.

In Spring 2022, EURADA and EUIPO organised the first online webinar dedicated to Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) to provide a better overview of the European activities connected to Intellectual Property (IP) for local SMEs.

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Given the success of the first edition, on 19 April 2023, EURADA and EUIPO are organising a 2nd webinar on IP.

This time we will discuss about: IP in the business StrategySME Fund 2023 and Opportunities to implement joint initiatives with EURADA Members.

  • Philip Homann (Operation Department) – IP in the business Strategy
  • Elizavet Karagiampi (Customer Department – SME fund Team) – SME fund 2023
  • Alessandro Corrado – SME Network) – Opportunities to implement joint initiatives with EURADA Members

Currently, several services and measures are dedicated to European SMEs. The most well-knows is the SME Fund, which is a grant scheme designed to help EU small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) IP rights. The SME Fund will run from 23 January 2023 to 8 December 2023. Funds are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
In the context of its Strategic Plan 2025, in 2019 EUIPO launched a new SME Programme under the brand Ideas Powered for business. The vision of the SME Programme is to empower EU SMEs within the EU and beyond, protecting and enforcing their competitive advantage through Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

Why is it necessary to protect the intellectual property of a SME?
Protecting the IP is a must in the digital age. It is the only legal way to avoid having your unique ideas, products, or services copied or used without permission. IP protection can cover many different assets, including trade marks, designs, patents, corporate identities, products, services, and processes.

Discover more about IP and SME Found by registering and attending this event.