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Digitalisation Working Group – 1st Workshop 2023 – Circularity and human-centricity aspects in European manufacturing solutions

Following the results of our survey on the topic of this year’s Digitalisation Working Group meetings, the first workshop in 2023 will take place on 25 May at 10.00 CEST.

The workshop will be centred on “Circularity and human-centricity aspects in European manufacturing solutions”.

Please register for the event here

The format of the workshop will be an open discussion of 60 minutes with three speakers and one moderator. Thus ensuring that participants will have ample opportunity to ask questions. 

The workshop, organised with our partner FundingBox, will focus on the latest trends in human-centred developments for the manufacturing industry and their approach to reducing the skills barriers to using these novel solutions. It will also address the circularity in Industry 4.0 technologies. The speakers will furthermore address the importance of strengthening the “Test Before Invest” approach to facilitate the uptake of these new technologies by SMEs.

This model of testing and go-to-market validation offers significant advantages and accelerates the technology transfer to the market. The methodology can be also replicated at regional and local level for implementing small-scale validations. The open discussion with the attendees will focus on the best fitting business model and the most effective strategies to mobilise local SMEs.

Do not forget to check the draft agenda.