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EURADA Summer School 2023

The EURADA Secretariat would like to announce our upcoming Summer School 2023, scheduled to take place at our premises in Brussels, from Tuesday 4 to Thursday 6 July.

Join us in Brussels for the EURADA Summer School 2023. During this full-immersion in-person Summer School, experienced speakers and the EURADA secretariat will utilise a comprehensive approach to organisational improvement focusing on the three key areas: Process, Product, and People.
By taking a holistic view of these four areas, regional development agencies' staff and other professionals can identify opportunities for improving and developing strategies to maximise their performance.
The Summer School will consist of a three-day learning programme supported by experience-sharing methods and topic discussion on International Cooperation, Green Transition, Intellectual Property protection, Regional Cohesion policies, Strategic Foresight, internationalisation of local authorities and Regional Development Agencies, Talent attraction and women empowerment in business.

Key Area 1: Process 

Vision, policies, strategies, procedures, services... are they all part of and coherent with a well-defined regional strategic plan? 

Together we will analyse some of your main assets and values. Make your stakeholders confident with the success of interregional and international cooperation programmes and position yourself at the top range of European regions. 


Strategic Foresight for Regions and Cities 

  • Cristian Matti, Kathrine Jensen, and Carmen Sillero - Joint Research Center of the European Commission 

Regional Ecosystem from Widening Countries and Beyond 

  • Andreea Leru - ADR NORD-EST 


Key Area 2: Product 

All about ensuring you have something that’ll turn your regional profit. What is your unique "selling" proposition that’ll make it stand out from other regions in Europe? Industry, products, services, culture, nature, quality, a holistic way of living... 

You’ll need to create systems for making your region and business more and more worldwide-oriented, attractive and competitive. 


Overview of Intellectual Property Rights 

  • Alberto Casado - EUIPO 

Ideas Powered for Business Programme 

  • Alessandro Corrado -EUIPO 

Regional Innovation Valleys

  • Eric Garcia Amaral -DG REGIO
  • Magda Cymeris - DG RTD

Partnering for Regional Innovation. Experiences and learnings in inter-territorial cooperation

  • Carmen Sillero - Joint Research Centre

New Demand-Driven Business Innovation Model 

  • Rafael Ataz, INFO Murcia 


Key Area 3: People 

Help your stakeholder organisations to recruit, hire and retain good people from diverse backgrounds to reach their goals. 

Offer your people opportunities to learn new skills and advance their careers. Create a positive work environment that encourages people staying and investing in your region. Insist on accountability and monitor individual and team performance. Think about the huge potential of migrants and women in charge... 


Women Empowerment in Business 

  • Alfredo Coppola, Prospera Woman 

Talent Attraction, Upskilling and Retraining  

  • David Japson, ACH 


Tips for Success 

The stakeholder alliance for a successfulregional strategy where process, product andpeople support economy and social growth


Managing Networking with Stakeholders 

  • Raluca Cibu-Buzac, Luminspino 


Info and Registration 

A tuition fee of € 150.00 for EURADA members (€250.00 for non-EURADA members) is foreseen for the Summer School. The fee includes 3 lunch meals, 1 networking cocktail and all training course materials. 

The payment has to be done via bank transfer to the following bank account: 
IBAN: BE06 3101 2604 5122