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Hybrid B2B Matchmaking of EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair XVII

The EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair has, for several years, fostered communication and collaboration on not just economic and technological issues, but cultural and social ones as well. Workshops, networking sessions, and cultural events provide opportunities for European and Chinese participants to become acquainted with each other's cultures. This has been crucial in establishing mutual trust and respect between the two regions, laying the groundwork for additional cooperation and exchanges across numerous spheres.

As the pandemic's impact is receding, China-EU collaboration is expected to witness another surge. This year's EU-China Fair will continue with the in-depth cooperation under the theme "Challenges, Opportunities, Integration, and Development". Comprehensive discussions will also occur on how to follow historical trends and leverage the present situation to promote deeper long-term cooperation in the private sector.

The B2B matchmaking will take place at CCEC, accommodating 200 attendees and dividing them into project negotiation and country negotiation zones. The project negotiation zone invites Chinese and European companies in related industries to collect information and make appointments in advance, with one-on-one project matching and in-person online and offline integrated negotiations arranged on-site.

The highlighted sectors of the EU-China Fair are

  • Digital economy
  • Electronic information
  • Intelligent manufacturing
  • New materials
  • Energy saving
  • Environmental protection
  • New energy
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Biomedical

The negotiation area dedicated to specific countries is accessible to foreign embassies, consulates, and business associations, offering them an opportunity to interact directly with Chinese companies. This creates an unrestricted platform enabling Chinese enterprises to communicate with each other.

EURADA is one of the organiser of this event in the framework of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

For more info and registration, please click here.