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Promoting Internationalisation of R&D&I in SMEs through Cascade Funding Calls

Join us for the webinar on Promoting Internationalisation of R&D&I in SMEs through Cascade Funding Calls, scheduled for 12 June 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00 CEST.

In our increasingly interconnected global economy, it is crucial for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) engaged in Research, Development, and Innovation (R&D&I) activities to expand their international presence. However, securing funding for such endeavours can be complex. This webinar aims to shed light on a new approach—Cascade Funding Calls—designed to streamline the internationalisation of R&D&I in SMEs.

The webinar will explain the methodology developed by our member, SPRI - Basque Business Development Agency, in collaboration with EURADA. This methodology focuses on the early identification of projects involving the design and launch of cascade funding calls, analysing European Commission programs to determine which incorporate the cascade funding mechanism for R&D&I projects.

During the webinar, an overview of this strategy will be provided, followed by an in-depth exploration of how Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) across Europe can replicate this initiative. By doing so, RDAs can effectively promote the internationalisation of R&D&I within SMEs in their respective regions.

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