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PROTECT Final Event

As project partners, we are glad to announce that PROTECT’s Final Event will be held on 11 June in Brussels as part of EXPANDEO 2024, organised by EARSC.

PROTECT is a Horizon Europe-funded project focused on leveraging innovation procurement to unlock the potential of the climate service (CS) market for climate adaptation and mitigation. It aims to bridge the gap between demand and supply for climate services by informing public authorities about the benefits of environmental observation data. Through Pre-Commercial Procurement, it will enable cities and regions to shape climate services according to their specific needs.

Marking the culmination of the project, this full-day event on 11 June 2024 serves as a platform to highlight the Key Exploitable Results achieved, focusing on innovative advancements in Earth Observation and climate services. As an attendee, you will be able to engage in reflective discussions, examining both successes and challenges encountered during the project. Moreover, you will be able to participate in forward-looking conversations on the future of Innovation Procurement instruments, crucial for evolving Earth Observation technologies and developing climate services tailored to public demand.

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