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Smart Heritage Cities Working Group - 11th Meeting

11th meeting of the Smart Heritage Cities Working Group will be an online event entitled "Empowering Smart Tourism: Unlocking Sustainable Transformation".

Smart tourism has emerged as a pivotal theme in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for innovative and sustainable approaches to enhance visitor experiences while preserving cultural heritage. In response to the pressing need for climate change adaptation, numerous local and national authorities have developed diverse practices to address these challenges. However, the transferability of these practices to other destinations requires a comprehensive discussion of their nuances. 

Therefore, the 11th Smart Heritage Cities Working Group Meeting, entitled "Empowering Smart Tourism: Unlocking Sustainable Transformation", aims to provide a platform for local authorities and stakeholders to share their experiences and insights in preserving and revitalizing cultural heritage sites within the context of smart tourism.

Mitja Predovnik, Deputy Managing Director of Visit Ljubljana, will present on sustainable measures incorporated into the city's tourism approach, citizen participation in promotional campaigns, stakeholder engagement, tourism performance indicators, and recognitions received. Meanwhile, Kashyap Raiyani, the platform developer for the TexTour project, will highlight the role of ICT tools in promoting social innovation and cultural tourism, along with discussing the creation and monitoring tools of the action plan.

Click here to read the concept note of the event.

This Working Group (WG) on Smart Heritage Cities held its kick-off meeting in November 2020. The WG is a high-level discussion group aiming to gather experts and practitioners to share their knowledge on citizen engagement and its main implications on governance.