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Start-up Coaching Session: Business Model Actions and Business Partnerships Actions

In the framework of the Horizon Europe RAISE Project, EURADA would like to invite start-ups across Europe to participate in a training session we are organising online on 14th of June 2023, titled “Start-up Coaching Session: Business Model and Partnership Action”.

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The Region Alliance for Interconnected Startup Ecosystems – RAISE – project aims at developing a new and sustainable integrated support framework to foster startup growth and scale-up across Europe. It targets companies that have already achieved first results, possibly supported by regional programmes and are now aiming to grow. In this framework, the project partners are required to implement several pilot actions, among which there are training, mentoring, and networking sessions which will help startup promoters to get in contact with the appropriate mentors and trainers who can help them gain access to their target markets.

This coaching session aims to provide valuable insights and practical solutions for start-ups to improve their business models and partnerships. The session will offer customised tips and interactive learning activities to help participants understand key concepts and develop their skills. It is designed for start-up founders and representatives looking to enhance their understanding of business models and partnership actions.

The coaching session is designed as a four-hour online meeting alternating theory and interactive sessions. The first session will be led by external experts who will provide a comprehensive overview of business model actions and business partnership actions, with the use of Slido and Kahoot games to ensure everyone gains useful knowledge. In the second session, the participants will be separated into two groups with an expert for each topic. These sessions will include interactive learning activities such as role-plays and case studies, also based on the information shared by participants in the roundtable session in the morning.

If you are interested in this promising occasion, please feel free to contact us for more information or directly register at this link.

The Business Model Coaching aims at providing participants with tools to develop business strategies to make profit by providing value to their customers: Business Plan draft and development, market analysis, description of the revenue streams, etc.

The Business Partnership Actions coaching intends to enable startup promoters and their respective projects to create strong connections that facilitate their access to new markets, opening and expanding their sales channels, finding technology partners and other alliances that may help them to introduce a competitive product or service in the market.

If you are willing to share your experience about these topics during an engaging session with other start-ups eager to learn and share, please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues Nora Scantamburlo and/or Giacomo Frisanco.