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Start-ups Coaching Sessions: Business Partnership Action

The RAISE Project is continuing its journey, and we have been thrilled to invite you to the Start-ups Coaching Sessions: Business Partnership Action, which took place between the end of October and beginning December 2023. The training was free of charge.raining is free of charge.

The Region Alliance for Interconnected Startup Ecosystems – RAISE – project aims to develop a new and sustainable integrated support framework to foster startup growth and scale-up across Europe. It targets companies that have already achieved first results, possibly supported by regional programmes and are now aiming to grow. In this framework, the project partners are required to implement several pilot actions, among which there are training, mentoring, and networking sessions which will help startup promoters get in contact with the appropriate mentors and trainers who can help them gain access to their target markets.


Objective: The coaching sessions were aimed to provide valuable insights and practical solutions for start-ups to improve their business models and partnerships. The sessions offered personalised coaching and interactive learning activities to help participants understand key concepts and develop their skills.


Target Audience: The coaching sessions were designed for start-up founders and representatives who were looking to enhance their understanding of business partnerships actions.


Approach: The coaching revolved around a total of 4 online workshops of 90 minutes each. The structure of each workshop was a sum of a theoretical session and a practical one.


Workshops (free of charge):

  • October 18, Workshop 1- The Lean Canvas
    One of the main failures for early-stage startups is that there is no market needs towards the products/services they are developing. Thus, to avoid falling into this statistic, it is important early-stage startups explore the Lean Canvas as a strategic planning tool.
  • November 6, Workshop 2 – The Unique Value Propositions Canvas
    The first goal in adopting the Lean Canvas is to reach the Problem-solution fit which is basically when a startup is developing a solution for a specific need(s) for the customers. To reach this goal, startups need to use the UVP as a strategic tool.
  • November 21, Workshop 3- Approaching risk capital investors
    High-growth early-stage startups need money to scale and boost their activities. It is important that the founders understand which are the kind of investors in the market and which is the best way to approach them.
  • December 5, Workshop 4 – How to master your pitch
    The first approach to investors is the key to increase the odds to get the funds. Thus, preparing a great pitch is crucial to achieve this first step.

The sessions' recordings are published on the EURADA YouTube channel: EURADA - YouTube


CoachLorenzo Valeriani, Senior project manager and start-ups coach at META Group.

Since over 25 years, META Group drives knowledge from idea to market by coaching researchers, entrepreneurs, investing in promising opportunities and advising public and private organisations on innovation strategies. They have plenty of experience investing in high-growth companies across Europe, and helping Institutions, governments, regions and cities around the world foster more of them.

Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, META Group has a unique edge in first-hand all stages of the entrepreneurial life cycle and they have designed and implemented innovation policies at local, national and international level.

META operates in three areas:

  • META Investment: investing in high growth startups across Europe.
  • META Academy: nurturing and guiding young people, entrepreneurs & scientists as they transform ideas into high growth startups​.
  • META Advisory​: policy advice on stimulating innovation and startups to clients as diverse as individual cities and the European Commission.