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The way forward

How will regional strategies look like in the near future and after 2027? Will there be a third generation of smart specialisation strategies? How will regional strategies be developed to respond to the double challenge of digital transormation and climate change?

There are broad societal challenges that can be solved with responsible research and innovation. In addition to the needs of economic recovery and the double transition (sustainable and digital), there is a need to adress phenomena like mistrust of science and widepread missinformation in the form of “fake news” as well as the anxiety that technologies like AI may create. More inclusive policies need to be developed. How will  future policies look like? On the other hand, despite decades of benefiting European regional development policies, there are still policies that do not support multi-level governance. Some European territories still face with over-centralised policies at national or regional level. It is desirable to establish effective mechanisms that mobilise society as a whole beyond the traditional economic actors to gather all resources possible. How we could design more effective multi-level governance policies?

For the last webinar, we already assured the presence of Mikel Landabaso, Director. JRC. European Commission, and Philip McCann, Sheffield University.

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