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Allview is presented during the Sectorial Social Dialogue Committee for Woodworking and Furniture working group

Article written by Paula Montero and Neus Armenjach - Junior Project & Policy Officer and Communication Intern

On 2 October, 2023, EURADA staff met the Sectorial Social Dialogue Committee for Woodworking and Furniture working group during their meeting in Brussels, at the invitation of EFIC, the spoke organisation of the main W&F manufacturers associations throughout Europe.

During this pivotal gathering, we seized the opportunity to showcase one of our flagship initiatives, the major consortium of Centers of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) in Europe for improving skills and competencies in the sector through innovative learning and training programmes.

The ALLVIEW project stands as a pioneering transnational cooperation platform that unites stakeholders within the wood and furniture sector. It operates with a clear focus on regional, national, and European objectives, all centred on the pursuit of an innovative approach to revitalising vocational education and training within the industry. At its core, ALLVIEW 's primary mission is to establish Centers of Vocational Excellence, strategically designed to equip individuals with the skills required by an innovative and competitive sector and economy.

Initiated as an Erasmus+ project in 2020 and set to conclude next year, the ALLVIEW initiative is making a substantial impact on the European woodworking and furniture industry. With the collaborative efforts of eight European countries, the project takes on the significant task of addressing pressing challenges and transforming them into opportunities for this vital sector.

ALLVIEW's transformational journey rests on four fundamental pillars: Sustainability, Advanced Technologies (including Mixed Reality experiences), Social Integration and Corporate Social Responsibility, and Life Skills. Through sustainable practices aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, integration of cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to social responsibility and life skills development, ALLVIEW seeks to foster social inclusion and enhance the sector's competitiveness.

The ALLVIEW project has taken a proactive approach to providing valuable resources to the industry. The consortium has curated a comprehensive digital library housing: a wealth of insightful studies and documents. Furthermore, it has introduced two online platforms: the first for networking and matchmaking; the second for advanced e-learning. They both are designed to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing, ultimately connecting job seekers and training seekers with companies in need of a skilled labour workforce.

EURADA's involvement in the ALLVIEW project underscores our commitment to leading human capital growth in our regions as a precious tool to make our industries more competitive and successful in the global markets.

Together, we aim to create a future that not only tackles industry challenges but also harnesses the full potential of this relevant sector in our regions.