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Catalonia and Flanders join forces to Empower the Startup Ecosystems

Article written by Neus Armenjach - Junior Communications Officer

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and dynamic market landscapes, supporting startups is crucial.

In a strategic move to boost the startup landscapes of Catalonia and Flanders, the Government of Catalonia, represented by our member ACCIÓ, has reached a collaboration agreement with Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT). The agreement, recently sealed, aims to foster a closer relationship between the startup ecosystems of both regions, facilitating the exchange of vital information and experiences.

The agreement involves several types of cooperation, including support for investment endeavours and joint commercial missions. Albert Castellanos, CEO of ACCIÓ, emphasises the significance of such collaboration, which brings together the shared values and objectives of both regions. He highlights Flanders' notable strengths, such as substantial investments in research and development and deep tech applications, which align with Catalonia's strategic focus.

Likewise, Piet Demunter, COO of FIT stresses the importance of cultivating a culture of collaboration between the regions and focuses on leveraging each other's networks, resources, and experiences. By exchanging best practices, startups from Catalonia and Flanders can navigate the dynamic business landscape more effectively, seeking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

In addition to the agreement between ACCIÓ and FIT, Flanders Investment & Trade has also embarked on a partnership with Tech Barcelona to advance technological innovation in the region. This collaborative effort comes in the wake of ACCIÓ's report on Catalonia's thriving startup ecosystem. The report reveals record-breaking figures, with Catalonia boosting 2,102 startups in 2023.

Ultimately, the partnership between Catalonia and Flanders is a commitment to mutual advancement and innovation. By joining forces and resources, both regions are driving innovation and solidifying their positions in the global startup landscape.