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ELIIT Project - Second Call for Proposal

Created by Julia Colomer |

The last 25th of January the second call for proposal of The European Light Industries Innovation and Technology project  (ELIIT) funded by the COSME has been open with its deadline on the 14th of April 2021. This interesting call aims to foster collaboration between SMEs active in the textile, clothing, leather and  footwear  sectors  (TCLF) and technology providers with innovative solutions that can bring those SMEs’ performance to a new level. 

What is ELIIT?  

ELIIT supports European cooperation to promote the use of technology-ready solutions to improve productivity, value chain integration, resource efficiency and to create new high added-value products and services in the TCLF sector.   

ELIIT will support TCLF SMEs in implementing the excellent research results achieved  

What is ELIIT offering?  

ELIIT is looking for partnership projects that propose the use of disruptive and innovative technological solutions that can enable new and advanced technical capabilities to enhance the competitiveness of the beneficiary SMEs. Each selected partnership will benefit from:  

  • €70 000 in financial support to develop products or prototypes with high added-value and profitability;    

  • A tailor-made coaching and advice programme adapted to the partnership on technical and soft skills. This is to increase relevance, capabilities, and impact of the partnerships  

  • Networking activities: Facilitating collaborations, market-positioning and professional links between the partnerships and key industry players. Organising networking activities, participation in industry fairs and attendance to relevant international industry events and exhibitions  

  • Intellectual property rights protection: SME tailored support to strengthen intellectual property rights protection.  

  Who can apply for ELIIT support?  

  1. TCLF SMEs: Textile, Clothing, Leather and Footwear SMEs.  

  2. Providers/Owners of Technology:  the call targets TCLF SMEs and technology owners/providers, including technology and innovation centres, universities, research centres and companies, technological SMEs, and start-ups. You can find the eligibility criteria on the ELIIT website.  

Success of the First ELIIT call  

Building on the success of the first call the second call aims to build on the success of the first Call for Proposals, which closed on 31st March 2020.   As part of the first call, 204 TCLF SMEs and 180 technology owners/providers registered on the ELIIT EMS platform, a prerequisite for submitting partnership proposals between the two parties. In total, ELIIT received 93 partnership proposals: out of them 73 from the textile and clothing sectors, and 20 for leather and  footwear.  These 93 partnership proposals  covered 24 EU-27  and  COSME countries.   

If you are a technology provider or an SME active in the TCLF sectors and are interested in participating in the second Call, please register on the ELIIT EMS platform