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EQA: Your Trusted Partner in Evaluation Services / Who is evaluating your calls?

Article written by Magda Rodrigues – Business Developer at EQA

Embark on your journey towards excellence with EQA's trusted services, where technical evaluations become a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block on your path to success.

Have you ever wondered how to ensure your research, development, and innovation projects are on the right track? Let EQA lead the way with independent evaluations tailored to your needs. But what exactly sets EQA’s evaluation services apart?

EQA is an International Evaluation Agency that provides a critical service during peak times by offering reliable evaluation services to alleviate workload pressures.

With over 25 years of experience and a dedicated team of over 300 employees, EQA emerges as a guide of reliability, expertise, and leadership in the field. What sets EQA apart is not just its extensive experience but also its commitment to excellence and innovation.

One of EQA's distinguishing features is its vast network of over 9,000 international highly qualified expert evaluators. These experts ensure thoroughness and accuracy in the assessment process. Moreover, EQA's internationally recognised accredited processes and methodology guarantee the highest standards of quality and reliability.

EQA's evaluations are diverse and adaptable, offering a range of assessment methods tailored to the unique requirements of each agency. Whether it is individual assessments, peer reviews, expert committees, or a customised mix, EQA ensures precision and relevance in every evaluation.

Furthermore, EQA streamlines the evaluation process for Agencies, maximising efficiency and saving valuable time. By signing just one contract per call with EQA, agencies can reduce paperwork and focus on their core mission. EQA takes full responsibility for evaluator selection, contracts, payments, training, and confidentiality agreements.

Outsourcing evaluations to EQA ensures complete neutrality in the assessment process, leading to unbiased reports and the absolute absence of conflicts of interest. With EQA as your partner, you can trust that your evaluations will be conducted with integrity and professionalism.

For more information about EQA's services, please contact our colleague and EURADA's proud member, Magda Rodrigues.

EQA stands ready to support agencies in their evaluation needs every step of the way!