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SAVE THE DATE: EURADA General Assembly and AGORADA 2023

Article written by the EURADA secretariat

Dear EURADA Members, Friends,

In 2022, EURADA celebrated 30 years of activities promoting regional development. The main discussion points of last year’s AGORADA edition were regional development towards 2050: the opportunities and challenges for Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) in the coming decades and international approaches to regional development.


AGORADA 2023, to be held in Brussels on 6 June 2023, will focus on sustainable cities and regions, following on from the main theme analysed and discussed last year. It is an established tradition that AGORADA provides a unique opportunity for members to analyse and anticipate policy trends for territorial development that are central to RDAs and to exchange information on funding opportunities. In addition, AGORADA is an open space where participants can improve the performance of RDAs by sharing tools for policy implementation, monitoring, data collection and impact assessment. It is important to highlight that AGORADA is an excellent opportunity to create solid partnerships between RDAs and other relevant actors at the European level such as the OECD, the European Commission, the European Committee of the Regions and other networks.

AGORADA 2023 – Sustainable Cities and Regions will consist of three main sessions: Talent Attraction, Upskilling & Retraining; Urban Regeneration; and Territorial Innovation and Interregional Value Chains. In addition, Strategic Foresight is a transversal approach to the three topics. A draft agenda of the event is available here.

EURADA members are strongly encouraged to arrive in Brussels in the morning of Monday 5 June to attend the EURADA General Assembly, which will take place on said day from 15:00 to 17:00. The main points of discussion will be the approval of the 2022 budget result and provisional budget for 2023, the recognition of resignations and replacements in the Board of Directors, the welcoming of new members, the update of the administrative management of the association and the adoption of an updated version of the statutes (as required by Belgian law), the EURADA Summer School 2023 and the update of the 2023 work programme.